Day -2: Preparing My Computer and Being Scared

7 Aug

I reinstalled Windows so that my computer runs smoother. I have bookmarked some typography tutorials to investigate first. I worry about viewing web pages that turn out to be a waste of time. But there will be good ones. Just like books—yesterday I read a wonderful design book, but today I read an awful one. And strangely, the bad one was twice the price! At least bad web pages don’t cost money?

I worry that I won’t get a good ‘traditional design’ education on the Net, so I keep considering buying a couple books a month. But my desire to buy something is often a sign that I am trying to buy my success rather than work for it.

I have created an outline of the beginning of my graphic design education. It includes traditional design and technological application, but it unfortunately does not include marketing.

Need to do:
  • Decide on note-taking medium. (Microsoft OneNote! 🙂 )
  • Decide on time-logging method. (Toggl)

Listening: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside


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