Day -1: Little Sleep, Timelogging and Metrics, Super-Excited

8 Aug

Last night I imagined a social marketing plan. I sought advice from a social network savvy friend, and now have a social strategy that I will implement slowly over the first week, whilst figuring out more details, and as of week two, integrate it as a scheduled part of my workdays.

In addition to Toggl, I am using a Notepad Log to track my time at first. I have used the Notepad Log before and found it quick and convenient. It automatically inserts a timestamp and a new line every time you open it, so you can just mash away the details of what you’re doing and close it within seconds.

Jakob Nielsen uses advanced scientific equipment to realize principles already understood in design circles for decades. However, I do find his work helpful. His explicit focus on web design makes some web design considerations easier than having to extrapolate the web applications of traditional design-speak on my own. That being said, I react to his works with mixed considerations.

There are some unplanned aspects of my pursuit; some holes. But at least for the first month, I understand 70% of what I am going to do. My plan for the following months is more vague—around a 30% understanding. But I have enough information to act on.

Conditions are not ideal for my first day, but when are they? I slept only four hours last night, and I cycled twenty miles today. But I am so excited! I am ready to begin! And end in success!

Need to do:
  • Decide on metrics representation  (Google Charts API)
Today’s Irreplacable resources:

Eyetracking Web Usability by Jakob Nielsen and Kara Pernice

Listening to: Butterfly by Weezer; The Way We Get By by Spoon


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