Day 1: Success?

9 Aug

I don’t know!

I kept a meticulous time log today, and I just calculated my time spent working, and OUCH! Out of ten hours, I worked six and a half! Where did the other three and a half go? Well, a half hour was taking a shower and making breakfast, which apparently when you work from home, is an okay thing to do in the middle of your workday! Another half hour was spent looking for the damn cat, who I thought escaped outside, but was in fact under the bed in the blue room the whole time. And an hour and a half was my lunch, which for pretty good reasons that shouldn’t happen too often, went longer than my expected hour lunch.

So then, where did the other hour and a half go? Oh, you know. Customizing my workspace, dealing with technical issues, going to the bathroom, playing with my dog outside to wear off frustration at an agonizing Illustrator tutorial.

Today’s Irreplacable Resources:

How to Use the Opacity Mask to Make High Gloss Icons and Reflections
Reflections Done Right – Creating a Money Roll Icon
The Principles of Design
The Elements of Design
Video Interview with Paul Rand

Some Stats:

2 Tutorials

12 Lessons

11 Good Surprises

4 Moments of Intense Stress

1 Bowl of Oatmeal

6 Radishes

1 Technical Snag

1 Impromptu Yoga Mini-Session

1 Aborted Task

6.5 hours

2 Questions:

1. What colors can I safely use in HTML these days? 65 million?

2. Do our brains interpret two dimensional surfaces as three dimensional? In terms of foreground, background, size, perspective, etc? Is graphic design a flattening trick!?


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