Day 2: Learned the Web 2.0 Thing, For Better or Worse

11 Aug

I don’t know why I was so frustrated earlier about Web 2.0 techniques, but I had to go for a carrot walk! A carrot walk is when I walk by the river and eat a carrot. It helps me deal with my frustration! Radishes help too, but don’t always provide the needed crunch.

Today in Illustrator I made artboards of all shapes and sizes, primarily for making personal proof sheets. These are artboards where I line up similar designs I have made in order to compare them.

I understand difference clearly only when the objects of comparison are close to each other in space and time. If I eat a good olive now, and a good olive in a year, I won’t be able to know the similarities and differences between them. But if I eat two different types of olives one after another, voila!

I highly prefer Illustrator over Photoshop. Thankfully, my Illustrator punchout, or letterpress, tutorials came out better than my Photoshop ones, so I can Illustrate away.


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